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  1. adalah nama blok malinda

  2. saya masih blum ngerti tentang wordpress pak .., tlong d alari …
    trima kasih banyak ..

  3. adalah nama blog nurjannah

  4. pak ,,aQ lum bs wordpress kmaren bkin lm bener loadimg nya ampe pulang g jd2 maklum banyk yg g masuk jd komputer na pke 2

  5. Pak… ni saya lg belajar buat blog , alamatnya

    Mohon Bimbingannya…

    • That insight solves the prlomeb. Thanks!

    • vell overstÃ¥tt 17. mai! Det ser ut som dere har kosa dere riktig sÃ¥ mye:o)Her oppe i Hammerfest hadde vi en super fin dag med sol og varme (veldig uvanlig sÃ¥ tidlig pÃ¥ vÃ¥ren)…Ha en fin dag!

    • Kroenig is being groomed and grooming himself as one of the next generation of neo/zio/cons who will wander in and out of influential think tanks and adms.

    • MIne sucked BIG time.. MY boy friend is in LA< California .. and his internet was down .. I hardly spoke to him all day … was the worse Valentines Day everrrrrr….

    • O comunicado do clube de ciclismo de paredes sem duvida deveria ser dirigido ao seu DD … alias esta epoca ja nao é a primeira corrida perdida por andarem dentro de um carro sem saber o que fazer…. so tenho a lamentar que um ciclista como o virgilio santos tinha a corrida quase ganha e a propria equipa ( DD) ainda nao sei bem como arrajou maneira de a perder… o DD fez o mais dificil perder uma corrida assim…..

  6. pak,…..q blm daftar wordpress.nt di ktr ja deh daftarnya

  7. Malinda, Nuer, Susanti, Edy dan Leni… linknya lihat di PAGE

  8. alex diantoni says

    saya sudah mengirim tugas ksi tolong bapak konfirmasi.

  9. pak…
    nama blognya bisa diedit gk??
    soalnya punya saya nama penggunanya afaldo pak, gmana tuh pak???
    tpi saya gx mw gnti blog…

  10. @Andriati:Bisa, seperti yang sudah kamu lakukan itu, nama blog bisa diubah tapi alamatnya tetap.

  11. Pak Hasil Quiz KTI Kelas 1 D3 MI 2 Belum ada pak ya. heheheh

  12. bner ga pak

  13. this is my blog sir….

  14. pak nie saya rhomadhona, dan nie alamat blog saya

  15. pak nie saya sigit nugroho, dan nie alamat blog saya http.//

  16. pak nie saya Okto ariyanto, dan nie alamat blog saya

    maaf tuk keterbatasan nya

  17. pak Saya Ais irmalia dan ini alamat Blog saya http:// terima kasih

  18. pak Saya Eka Destia Etika dan ini alamat Blog saya http:// terima kasih

  19. pak,, ni Ipind MI-8,,
    blog saya
    thanks y pak…

    • Super invitmarofe writing; keep it up.

    • Hey everyone thanks for responding! I’m so glad my post started this conversation.I do think that the iPad is getting the lion’s share of the tablet attention right now, but soon the market will be dominated by a plurality of competitive tablets. I feel like the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet and the Galaxy are just a taste of things to come.

    • Your Box is Fantastic Decorated.. Beautiful Coloring.. Great colors.. and I love the shine in her hair and Clothes.. FAB FAB Flowers and Swirls.. And the SnowCrystal is Gorgeous !! Beautiful!!! Thank you for the chance to win! .. :o)

    • Rhythmisch, HF: ca. 65/minQRS-Komplexe eindeutig verbreitert, deshalb eine Beurteilung der ST-Strecke nicht sicher möglich. Verzögerte R-Progression.Laborwert: Trop TAb in den Herzkatheter?VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 0 votes)

    • Duke and UNC camps are both terrible. Be prepared to be 1 of 600 campers packed into a gym. Your kid will learn very little. Total waste of money. You are better off finding a skill development trainer. Your kid will learn more in 1 hour than in 1 week of UNC and Duke camps.

  20. pak saya udah ngomfim E-mai,,

  21. anggun anggraini says

    nama blog anggun nie bpk . . .
    KA 3 . . . . .

    • Your ponistg lays bare the truth

    • The red dress fits you beautifully – and everytime you show those boots I love them even more!out of your bootsale displays, my trashy, tacky magpie eye just went straight to those gorgeous plastic earrings, oh and the plaster head! x

    • That’s a smart answer to a difficult question.

    • It was a terrifical time. It was great to meet, well, everyone and to see friends again. I agree with Libertyman, we need a venue where we can mingle after we eat. Still, it was a great, great, time.

    • Well, its true. But I dont quite recall the same emotion over Rosales. I know that is not something all too relevant, but we saw Rosales more as a way to get rid of Chavez rather than an alternative. Capriles is an alternative and people feel him that way. Rosales was and is still a sack of shit; however id rather pay more attention to rallies outside Caracas

  22. dara andiningrum says

    nama blog dara ni bpk KA-3

  23. dian natalia says

    nama blok dian ni bpk,KA-3

    bapak ni nama blog aq ciayuni
    makasih bpk…..

  25. Ripan Zadi Rajwal says

    pak ini ripan 1-D3-MI-3 X-anda
    trims . . .

  26. Ripan Zadi Rajwal says

    trims . . pak,

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